To lock? Or not to lock?

Lately I have been debating on whether or not to lock my hair. Recently I have discovered yarn dreads which are pretty much fake dread locks. This can either be a fun protective style, or for naturals like me, it can be a way to try out locks before actually doing them. The video I have attached is of a girl putting in her own yarn dreads. Take a look!


Heat Training is stupid


The idea of heat training your hair is completely ridiculous. For those who do not know what heat training is, heat training is repeatedly straightening your hair over time until your curl pattern is either loosened or permanently straight. Heat training is stupid because it is only a cute way of saying heat damage. Applying heat to your hair in hopes of diminishing your hairs natural pattern is essentially frying and destroying your hair. Heat damage prevents your hair from reverting back to its natural texture, creates dry and brittle hair and also makes your hair more susceptible to breakage. What I don’t understand is if you want straight hair or a looser curl pattern, why not just get a relaxer or texturizer? Why go through all of this work just to jump on the bandwagon and fake claim the natural hair movement?

Natural hair and spoken word


It almost seems as if natural hair and spoken word go hand in hand, but why is this so? Why does wearing my Afro automatically make me a target for spoken word events, poetry fests and neo-soul concerts?

From the research I’ve done, the stigma of peace, love and Afro’s dates back to the 1960s. During this period in American history, a group of people emerged who were named ‘hippies.’ Because the nature of the hippies was nonconformity, some of the hippies would wear out their Afros and try to spread peace in a time where war was prevalent. Also during this time, because an Afro represented nonconformity, it was a major identifier of the Black Panthers group.

Naturally it makes sense that people connect Afros either with peace and hippies or with nonconformity and the black panthers. However, one would think that with all of the political ‘progress’ that America has made, this stigma would have either disappeared or died down over the years. This is not the case. Now with the natural hair movement on the rise, these same stigmas are now back in action. Will they ever truly go away?

Sorry Not Sorry

I’m not going to apologize for the topics I choose to write about and I’m also not going to change the topics of future content either. If you’re looking for a happy go lucky hair tip blog with sugar coated facts that everyone already knows about how to take care of natural hair then you’ve come to the wrong blog. The title of this blog is naturally UNAPOLOGETIC meaning that I am going to share my opinions on topics facing the natural hair community regardless of whether they are popular or not. Whether you choose to open your eyes to important issues affecting this natural hair ‘movement’ is up to your own willing but I’m not going to stop posting about them. If you do not like it, find another blog to read.


I am so tired of hearing the phrase, “I went natural before it was popular.” Yes, we are all aware of the influx of newly natural haired women, but it is not fair to marginalize their journey’s because yours started before theirs. Now that the natural hair community had grown larger than in previous years, this phrase has become more and more common against seasoned naturals. But you tell me, after you read this article, do you believe that seasoned naturals are justified in their right to brag? Let me know in the comments below.

Kinky Hair Actually Grows


   I don’t know about other countries, but I know that in America the idea of a fully black woman having long hair is a myth. There is a stigma that if a black woman has hair that exceeds ear or shoulder length then she must be of mixed heritage. Why do people think black people need to be mixed to have great healthy long hair?
   When I  had a relaxer, very regularly people would ask me what I am mixed with and were saddened when they found out that I am 100% black. And now that I have gone natural, the questions come more frequently. ‘Is it a wig or a weave because it can’t be yours.’ Why is this concept so hard to grasp?
   Unfortunately a lot of lies are fed to black women about hair care and have been passed down from generation to generation. Because the majority of black women try to achieve a Eurocentric look (having straight hair) to fit in, a lot of black women do not know how to properly take care of their own hair. Black women, put dangerous chemicals in their hair in order to conform but are actually damaging their hair. Kinky hair textures have the same growing ability as straight hair textures but a lot of black women are ignorant as to how to take care of their own hair. If we would take the time to learn about our hair instead of coveting someone else’s we could all have healthier hair.

Kinky is not the only definition

   Under the umbrella of the natural hair ‘movement’ lies many different textures from wavy to curly to kinky. However, I’ve noticed that dreadlocks often get left out of this ‘movement.’ A lot of people have an idea of a puffy Afro and that is all they view as natural hair. Dread locks do fit into the natural hair community because dreads are created by palm rolling your hair (or whatever other methods one can use). I believe that because there is still a large stigma held against people with dread locks, they are often forgotten. Dread locks are a beautiful expressive way of wearing your hair and contrary to popular belief there are a lot of things that you can do with them. Hopefully as we are becoming a more progressive group of people, the stigma against dread locks will cease to exist.

Natural Nazi’s

Natural Hair Nazi’s have to be put to death in the name of natural hair. A natural hair Nazi is a person or group of people who have converted to natural hair and are so pro-natural that they offend others with their actions. These are the people who go around policing others based on how they wear their natural hair and to be quite honest it’s getting completely out of control. Whether a person straightens, colors or blow dry’s their hair is none of your business and it does not make them any less natural than you are. Some people take this ‘going natural’ thing a little too far. If you want to police someone, police yourself and learn how to mind your own business.Image