Defending Your Natural Hair Can Cost You Your Job

ImageThe woman pictured above is Rhonda Lee, a former meteorologist at KTBS 3 News in Louisiana. Lee says she was fired from the station because of the comments that she made on the KTBS Facebook page.

Lee professionally responded to people on the Facebook page who wrote ignorant things about her hair such as ‘unless she is a cancer patient, she needs to grow her hair out.’ (click the link to see a screenshot of her response) She also responded to a viewer who accused her of being racist because all of the children in a segment were black. You can also see her response in the link above.

What bothers me about this story is that no one in this story understood why Lee defended her choice of hairstyle. Everyone around her kept pressuring her to grow her hair out so she could be employed. Why does a woman have to have a weave in order to report the weather? What does a hairstyle have to do with a persons ability to perform at their job well?

If it wasn’t clear before, it is clear now that natural hair is still not welcomed in the workplace or in public. It is also made clear that if you respond to hecklers by trying to educate them on why and how your hair grows the way in which it does, you are doing something wrong. Once again, black women must shut up and roll over so the world can stomp on us and if we don’t let them then something is wrong with us.

I’m not here for people who think that black women should change every part of themselves to appeal to white American culture, why can’t we express who we are and be proud of it?


How I Take Down My Twist Out

I’m not the type to do tutorial videos, but I figured I would at least attempt one. So here it is! Watch how I take down my twist for a cute curly style 🙂

Relaxer Sales Decline 26%



According to, relaxer/perm sales have declined 26% over the past five years. Undoubtedly this drop in sales is a result of an influx of women ditching relaxers and embracing their natural hair textures or locking their hair. But what does this mean for the black hair care industry? Well they either have the choice of hopping on the bandwagon and creating a natural hair care line or start promoting their relaxers heavily.

Recently I have seen perm companies split on this decision. Dark & Lovely, a notorious brand for relaxers has taken both routes. They have taken it upon themselves to start a natural hair care line as well as promo their ads on predominately black television stations. It is clear that they are taking these methods in order to fill their gap in sales.

On the contrary, Motions, another notorious brand for relaxers, has decided to only launch a new line of natural hair care products. We have yet to see any promotion from them about the relaxer line, so they are most likely hoping that their former loyal customers who used to buy their relaxers will try their natural hair care line.

The future of relaxers is looking dim, but I don’t think they will completely disappear anytime soon. As long as they keep implementing and preying on the insecurities of black women, I have a feeling these companies will still be in business years from now.

Creating Natural Hair Barbies

Finding barbies with natural hair is almost impossible, especially when we want our little girls to love and embrace their hair textures! Luckily, I found this video on how a woman changed her Barbie dolls hair from straight to kinky. Maybe you can do the same for your daughters doll.

How important is hair for people who work in television broadcasting?


In news broadcasting, image seems to be one of the most important parts of being a news anchor. Women on national and local news stations always seem to have neat, straight hair with a little bounce to it. This is often referred to as a “professional” look. With this look being the only accepted form in the broadcasting industry, it is very rare to see women with natural hair as news anchors.

But why are women conditioned into ‘playing it safe’ when it comes to hair in the television journalism industry? It is not playing it safe when women whose hair is not naturally straight has to go out of her way to make it straight out of fear of no longer being employed. Well thanks to a courageous news anchor, this social norm in broadcasting might be changing soon.

A news anchor from Tennessee (pictured above) made news recently for revealing her natural hair on air. Pam McKelvy, a news anchor known for her battle with breast cancer, shared her views on why hair is so important in television. During this testimony, McKelvy revealed that since losing her hair to chemo therapy, she has been wearing wigs but now she has the confidence to wear her natural hair without the accompaniment of wigs. For more on this story, check out this article.



Lately I have been hearing a lot of naturals complain about wanting their hair to grow faster or longer and some are even going as far as taking supplements to achieve this goal. I am not a supplement taker so the only vitamin I am familiar with is Biotin. Biotin is a dietary supplement sold in pharmacies, used for skin, hair and nails. It is known to strengthen the nails, clear up the skin and promote hair growth.

Word on the street is that there is now an alternative to Biotin called Hairfinity. What makes Hairfinity different from Biotin is that it claims to make the hair stronger faster, it contains 18 amino acids and it reduces the amount of shed hair one would have in a 30 day period.

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon especially when it comes to hair products, but to me this does not sound legit. I really don’t think this pill does anything but supply false hopes of hair growth. Your hair grows at the rate it is supposed to and no magic pill is going to automatically add 10 inches of hair to your scalp. Not to mention that there are countless reports of women who claim that Hairfinity’s side effects are more harmful than beneficial.

If you want to check out the website for Hairfinity, click here.

Am I a lazy natural?

Am I a lazy natural?

I guess I fall under the category of a “lazy naturalista.” You are most likely not going to find me spending every waking moment stressing about or doing something to my hair. I am not going to spend countless hours … Continue reading

Natural does not always equal curly

The majority of natural hair care seems to be achieving a ‘curly’ look with braids and twists. We are all aware that these methods are used to combat shrinkage, however, there are other ways to combat shrinkage without manipulating your hair. We need to embrace other textures besides curly and I feel that the African hair threading method does that. If you are tired or bored with braid outs and twist outs, you can always use this method to stretch your hair into a blown out style. There are other options out there, we just have to find them.

Shrinkage IS your friend

   I know the title of this blog post must have you thinking that I’m crazy. Nope I am 100% serious. For my readers who are unaware, shrinkage is the difference between what your hair looks like when it’s wet and gently stretched to its maximum length and what it looks like when it’s dry. Depending on how tight your curls or coils or kinks are, your hair can shrink anywhere from 30% to 75% of it’s actual length.

    Wearing your hair in its shrunken state is not ideal for a lot of naturals but sometimes it can be useful or more convenient when you are short on time. Check out this article on how to wear your hair in its shrunken state.