She makes me want a TWA…


If you haven’t heard of Lupita Nyong’o then I now welcome you to planet Earth. How was your stay on Mars? 

Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen (and I dare you to argue with me about it). Away from her striking features and glowing skin tone, I cannot seem to stop myself from being obsessed with her hair.

I am natural with hair that is about shoulder length but I have never big chopped. I chickened out and transitioned until I was at a comfortable length. Although I am happy with my decision to transition, a part of me wonders what I would have looked like with a TWA.

A TWA, for those of you who don’t know, stands for ‘Teenie Weenie Afro.’ This is the stage in which your hair is cut really short. Lupita rocks her TWA almost perfectly and now she makes me wish that I had one.

I am glad that my hair is healthy and is growing faster than I can imagine, but a part of me wishes I had short hair so it would be less to deal with. being that my hair is very thick and I have a lot of it, washing, detangling and styling can sometimes be a hassle, especially if I am in a rush.

I am still thinking about it, but if I ever get frustrated enough, I just might chop all of my hair off. After all, it’s only hair–it will grow back.




Lately I have been hearing a lot of naturals complain about wanting their hair to grow faster or longer and some are even going as far as taking supplements to achieve this goal. I am not a supplement taker so the only vitamin I am familiar with is Biotin. Biotin is a dietary supplement sold in pharmacies, used for skin, hair and nails. It is known to strengthen the nails, clear up the skin and promote hair growth.

Word on the street is that there is now an alternative to Biotin called Hairfinity. What makes Hairfinity different from Biotin is that it claims to make the hair stronger faster, it contains 18 amino acids and it reduces the amount of shed hair one would have in a 30 day period.

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon especially when it comes to hair products, but to me this does not sound legit. I really don’t think this pill does anything but supply false hopes of hair growth. Your hair grows at the rate it is supposed to and no magic pill is going to automatically add 10 inches of hair to your scalp. Not to mention that there are countless reports of women who claim that Hairfinity’s side effects are more harmful than beneficial.

If you want to check out the website for Hairfinity, click here.