Is your hair worth breaking the bank?


Natural hair salons are the biggest scammers. In an age where beauty salons seem to be found on every block, only a small few of these cater to kinks and curls. Natural hair salons who profess that they are experts on how to take care of natural hair seem to be the main ones trying to capitalize on this market.

It is a well known fact that natural hair salons are very hard to find due to the fact that for years black women have been conditioned to chemically treat their hair to appearĀ more Eurocentric. With the natural hair movement currently on the rise, natural hair salons have been popping up but very few of them exist due to lack of knowledge on how to take care of natural hair.

Because of this huge gap in the market for natural hair, a lot of natural hair salons take advantage of this by charging high ridiculous prices for simple things that one can do at home for 1/3 of the price they charge you. It is bad enough that the same hair care companies that were once telling us not to be caught dead without a relaxer are now trying to capitalize on natural hair by revealing “natural hair products,” but now our own natural counterparts are doing the same.

It really all comes down to making money. What wonders can your $200 wash do for me that I cannot do at home for free? I would love to know.


“I am not a Rastafarian”

dreadlocksI cannot speak for American culture, but I have noticed in West Indian culture, if a person chooses to wear dread locks, they are automatically a Rastafarian. For those who are unaware, a Rastafarian is a person who practices Rastafarianism, a religion originating in Jamaica. People who follow this religion abide by certain criteria such as wearing dreadlocks and refraining from consuming pork. In Jamaica, Rastafarians are rejected in society and are considered to be low class citizens. Because of this stigma, the majority of Jamaicans do not wear dreadlocks so they will not confused with Rastafarians.

Even with West Indians who have migrated to other parts of the world, the stigma of wearing dread locks still resignates with them. Many West Indians automatically consider a person who wears dreadlocks to either be dirty or poor and thus a Rastafarian.

As a member of the natural hair community, I have to defend my fellow brothers and sisters. I don’t believe that it is fair to pass judgement on the way in which a religious group or anyone decides to wear their hair. It is not fair to the religious group, nor to the individual. I understand that with old ways of thinking, it can be hard to break the stigma, but it is in no way excusable.

Natural does not always equal curly

The majority of natural hair care seems to be achieving a ‘curly’ look with braids and twists. We are all aware that these methods are used to combat shrinkage, however, there are other ways to combat shrinkage without manipulating your hair. We need to embrace other textures besides curly and I feel that the African hair threading method does that. If you are tired or bored with braid outs and twist outs, you can always use this method to stretch your hair into a blown out style. There are other options out there, we just have to find them.

Natural Nazi’s

Natural Hair Nazi’s have to be put to death in the name of natural hair. A natural hair Nazi is a person or group of people who have converted to natural hair and are so pro-natural that they offend others with their actions. These are the people who go around policing others based on how they wear their natural hair and to be quite honest it’s getting completely out of control. Whether a person straightens, colors or blow dry’s their hair is none of your business and it does not make them any less natural than you are. Some people take this ‘going natural’ thing a little too far. If you want to police someone, police yourself and learn how to mind your own business.Image