An Edgeless Miracle


If you are around enough black women on a daily basis, I am sure that you have heard some of them say that wearing your hair naturally is a “fad.” While there are a lot of women who take the natural hair movement very seriously, I have noticed every now and then the women who jump on the bandwagon because it’s the new thing to do. These are the women who don’t really care about he movement and are just doing it because everyone else is. So it is no surprise to me that edgeless Naomi Campbell is the newest member on the bandwagon. For years Naomi has been known to wear nothing but long silky straight weaves which are the main cause of the loss of her edges. it is no doubt that Naomi has been conditioned like many other black women that her own natural hair is ugly and needs to be covered. But her sudden change in hairstyles after being attacked for years about her missing hairline is a bit suspect. She has never felt the need to stop wearing weaves that were damaging to her scalp but as soon as this movement comes along, you run out a find a wig so people can leave you alone. How long will it be before Naomi sports a weave again? I give it a couple weeks.


Afros in Korea

ImageImageThe new trend in Korea is having kinky textured hair that resembles the hair type of Africans. I am not exactly sure how they are able to change their texture from bone straight to kinky, but it is being done. Many either wear their afros out, braid them into styles, wear dreadlocks or install box braids. The trend is also spreading to other Asian countries such as Japan.

But why is this a trend over seas? This makes me wonder why it is that kinky textured hair is more appreciated on the other side of the world than right here in America. Is it due to African presence being limited in Asian countries? Is the Afro/Asian culture from the Caribbean reaching Asian countries? Or is this a form of cultural appropriation?

Are we ready for a first lady with natural hair?

Image No, the picture above is not real, it has been Photoshopped. However, with the recent rise in black women returning to their natural roots, the question of whether or not America is ready for a natural first lady comes into play.

It is no secret that when a black woman wears her natural hair, she is seen as militant, unkempt or unprofessional. Although the natural hair community is making strides to dispel this stigma, natural hair is still not widely accepted across America.

With the Obama family constantly under scrutiny about menial subjects, having a first lady who embraces her natural hair texture is not ideal. As depicted in The New Yorker in July of 2008, Michelle Obama was painted as a militant black panther with a terrorist husband. The fact that this magazine cover was allowed to be sold and was supported by many Americans leads me to believe that we are still in an age where having African features verses European features is unethical. Will America ever be ready to embrace a kinky textured first lady? That I am not sure of.

Take a look at this article on to view the cover of The New Yorker that I referred to earlier.


I am so tired of hearing the phrase, “I went natural before it was popular.” Yes, we are all aware of the influx of newly natural haired women, but it is not fair to marginalize their journey’s because yours started before theirs. Now that the natural hair community had grown larger than in previous years, this phrase has become more and more common against seasoned naturals. But you tell me, after you read this article, do you believe that seasoned naturals are justified in their right to brag? Let me know in the comments below.