The Cutest Twist Out Ever!

This video of this little girl is sure to make your heart melt. She is so cute as she tries to pronounce big words and tells us what her mommy does to her hair. Click the video to watch.



Country Yankee

People always tell me “Oh, your hair is so thick! I would kill for hair that thick.” I know they mean it as a compliment, but, no, no you wouldn’t. I would kill for thinner hair.
I carry a brush everywhere. Not for “I’m a girl” primping, but because if I go 12 hours without running a brush through it, it gets tangled. Not just regular, take 10 minutes to comb out tangles. No, more like I want to shave my head take four days of combing to get out tangles.
Want to wash your hair? Hope you have 4 hours to blow dry because you have to, it becomes a cotton ball, puffed out wider than your shoulders if you don’t. And, yes, to fully blow dry, it takes 4 hours.
For years, I have heard it all about covering my hair. I have been called a religious zealot…

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Sorry Not Sorry

I’m not going to apologize for the topics I choose to write about and I’m also not going to change the topics of future content either. If you’re looking for a happy go lucky hair tip blog with sugar coated facts that everyone already knows about how to take care of natural hair then you’ve come to the wrong blog. The title of this blog is naturally UNAPOLOGETIC meaning that I am going to share my opinions on topics facing the natural hair community regardless of whether they are popular or not. Whether you choose to open your eyes to important issues affecting this natural hair ‘movement’ is up to your own willing but I’m not going to stop posting about them. If you do not like it, find another blog to read.

Hair Crush

ImageCan I just have a moment to express how in love I am with Teyonna Paris’s hair. Her hair is a similar texture to mine and I would literally die if I could achieve at least one of her hairstyles she wears to red carpet events. My hair is not the same length as hers but I aspire to have her hair length. It seems as if her tresses are perfectly moisturized and trimmed at all times. I need to find her hair stylist and take notes.


I am so tired of hearing the phrase, “I went natural before it was popular.” Yes, we are all aware of the influx of newly natural haired women, but it is not fair to marginalize their journey’s because yours started before theirs. Now that the natural hair community had grown larger than in previous years, this phrase has become more and more common against seasoned naturals. But you tell me, after you read this article, do you believe that seasoned naturals are justified in their right to brag? Let me know in the comments below.

Shrinkage IS your friend

   I know the title of this blog post must have you thinking that I’m crazy. Nope I am 100% serious. For my readers who are unaware, shrinkage is the difference between what your hair looks like when it’s wet and gently stretched to its maximum length and what it looks like when it’s dry. Depending on how tight your curls or coils or kinks are, your hair can shrink anywhere from 30% to 75% of it’s actual length.

    Wearing your hair in its shrunken state is not ideal for a lot of naturals but sometimes it can be useful or more convenient when you are short on time. Check out this article on how to wear your hair in its shrunken state.

Does my natural hair make me unqualified for marriage?

ImageEvery natural black woman has at one point or another been told that their natural hair will guarantee that they will be single forever. We are constantly reminded that black men do not like nappy hair and neither do any other race of men. But why should the way in which my hair naturally grows, eliminate me from finding true love?
      It is not uncommon to find many marriages on the rocks due to the natural hair movement. Men who claim to be turned off and disgusted by their wives decisions to return to their natural hair have practically threatened to end their marriages unless their wives turn back to getting relaxers. It is as if the influx of black women embracing their roots is seen as a threat to some black men. But why is this so?
    If we examine it from a historical aspect, generations upon generations of women were told that in order to be accepted in society and to be hired for jobs, one’s hair had to be neat and straight–the closer to European hair, the better. So in order to stay afloat in society and keep a roof over their heads, black women complied. However, this soon transferred over to the general view of black women as Eurocentric ideas of beauty became more demanding and visible.
   Now that the Eurocentric idea of beauty has taken over the black community, this is all that black men are used to seeing throughout their lifetimes. Thus in return, black men and women view their own natural hair as ugly and unkempt. Black men are also taught to only date and marry women with straight, long flowing hair as a form of high status level.
    With this ideology running rampant within the black community, it is no wonder that past generations of black people are against the natural hair movement. It is also a major part of the reason why it is believed that black women with natural hair cannot be chosen to be brides.
    Having natural hair does not make me unsuitable for marriage. What allows some black men to view me as unsuitable for marriage are their own insecurities. The idea that they will be considered less of a man if their woman does not have long flowing tresses and the idea that Eurocentric forms of beauty are what I should conform to are what clouds their mindsets not my kinky hair texture. Natural haired women can and do get married.

Kinky Hair Actually Grows


   I don’t know about other countries, but I know that in America the idea of a fully black woman having long hair is a myth. There is a stigma that if a black woman has hair that exceeds ear or shoulder length then she must be of mixed heritage. Why do people think black people need to be mixed to have great healthy long hair?
   When I  had a relaxer, very regularly people would ask me what I am mixed with and were saddened when they found out that I am 100% black. And now that I have gone natural, the questions come more frequently. ‘Is it a wig or a weave because it can’t be yours.’ Why is this concept so hard to grasp?
   Unfortunately a lot of lies are fed to black women about hair care and have been passed down from generation to generation. Because the majority of black women try to achieve a Eurocentric look (having straight hair) to fit in, a lot of black women do not know how to properly take care of their own hair. Black women, put dangerous chemicals in their hair in order to conform but are actually damaging their hair. Kinky hair textures have the same growing ability as straight hair textures but a lot of black women are ignorant as to how to take care of their own hair. If we would take the time to learn about our hair instead of coveting someone else’s we could all have healthier hair.