I’m NOT a fan of gel

I'm NOT a fan of gel

I feel like I am the only person in the natural hair community who doesn’t really care for using gel in my hair. I hate how it makes my hair feel and the extra washes I have to do to get it out can be annoying and time consuming especially during one of my many busy weeks. Instead I like to use edge control creams or puddings. Those are what work best for my hair. Now how do I get rid of this jar of gel I bought in the past.

8 thoughts on “I’m NOT a fan of gel

  1. You aren’t the only person, that’s why some people have started creating their own gels. I have been wanting to make my own flax seed gel. There are tutorials online on how to make it & they say that it has the hold & doesn’t leave that extra build up because it is all natural. As soon as I get my hand on some flax seeds, I am going to make some.

  2. lol; right? i still got a jar sitting in my room now i’ll use it a little bit when i do havanna twists or braids just to blend my hair with the braid

  3. I’m not a fan either, i think it can make certain hairstyles look rigid and artificial. Also don’t like the feel of it. If i must used a gel (which is rare) I go for aloe vera straight from the plant usually to tame flyaways and give my braid outs a softer hold. I ctually prefer the way hair looks after it has been blown around by the wind lol


  4. I am not a fan of gel either; I don’t lke the feel of it, and most gels have alcohol as a main ingredient…NOT GOOD for our curls. I prefer more creamy products, that still give a good hold. Shea Moisture’s “Curl Enhancing Smoothie” is to die for.

    Thanks for sharing girl!

  5. Absolutely not a fan of gel but I will soon have to find one so I can finally have definition and hold for my twist outs as my hair is getting a wee bit longer (still TWA). I use my EcoStyler gel on my edges and tie them down for a few minutes and that works for me!

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