Am I a lazy natural?

Am I a lazy natural?

I guess I fall under the category of a “lazy naturalista.” You are most likely not going to find me spending every waking moment stressing about or doing something to my hair. I am not going to spend countless hours trying new treatments every other day and checking every single strand of my hair for a knot and that is perfectly fine.

I am not knocking the naturalistas that take hair care very seriously, I am just saying that that calling my methods ‘lazy’ is completely unfair. Every persons hair does not behave the same way and for some over treating or constantly being in your hair may do more harm than good.

And for those like me, I personally don’t like being in my hair 24/7. I have other things to do like go to work, get my degree, work out and go through the motions of being in my early twenties. I am not going to stop the world for my hair. Yes I do still take care of my hair for hygiene reasons but I am not going to revolve my life around my hair. If that makes me a lazy natural then so be it.


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