If you wear dread locks, you need not apply

Image In the year 2014, it is still shocking to see that wearing dread locks in the workplace is still considered a taboo. A lot of people still view dread locks as unprofessional, or associate it with heavy drug use such as marijuana,

My purpose in posting about this is not to continue beating a dead horse, but to instead ask all of you readers a couple questions. Why is the way in which we wear our hair so important to others? How can we change the dynamics so that way every hair type can be accepted?


2 thoughts on “If you wear dread locks, you need not apply

  1. Corporate America (CA) is stuck on some BS. CA does not like something different. CA wants drones. CA does not see dreadlocks as being “well groomed”. Why? Part of it is racism-lets not lie about that. But we have to realize that CA is dominated and controlled by conservative white males. ANYTHING outside of that mold is viewed with caution. It’s frustrating and sometimes I don’t even waste my time. But keep talking about it-never be afraid to keep talking about it; I don’t care if you feel you’re “beating a dead horse.”

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