Country Yankee

People always tell me “Oh, your hair is so thick! I would kill for hair that thick.” I know they mean it as a compliment, but, no, no you wouldn’t. I would kill for thinner hair.
I carry a brush everywhere. Not for “I’m a girl” primping, but because if I go 12 hours without running a brush through it, it gets tangled. Not just regular, take 10 minutes to comb out tangles. No, more like I want to shave my head take four days of combing to get out tangles.
Want to wash your hair? Hope you have 4 hours to blow dry because you have to, it becomes a cotton ball, puffed out wider than your shoulders if you don’t. And, yes, to fully blow dry, it takes 4 hours.
For years, I have heard it all about covering my hair. I have been called a religious zealot…

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