The natural hair “movement”

For all of those who are unaware, the natural hair ‘movement’ is the term used to refer to black women who have stopped relaxing their hair and growing out their original textured hair. This is the reason why you may have noticed more women walking around with Afros.
You can Google the term and find hundreds of pages on this topic–but why is it a topic to begin with? I don’t understand why black women changing their hair should be considered a movement. This creates the assumption that women are just cutting off their hair to support some form of cause when in most cases is not even true. Labeling hair changes as a movement just creates an ‘open season’ type of thinking for hair product companies to take advantage and try to sell us things that we don’t need.Image


One thought on “The natural hair “movement”

  1. Hm…I think it’s considered a movement because on a certain level it is, though maybe not totally in and of itself. Returning to natural hair is part of the bigger “movement,” which is a LOT of African peoples (I’m breaking out of the habit of calling us “Black”) are coming into “Consciousness” and self-awareness after CENTURIES of being under constant assault in this racist, White Supremacist world.

    On the other hand, it’s because of this that, like you said, it’s becoming so-called “fair game” to these product companies to capitalize off our natural hair. Yes, returningto our roots is PART of a bigger movement, but also yes, I think it’s a fad now…and people are STILL capitalizing off of this fad.

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